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Heating pad circuit diagram

After a hard day of work, it can feel good having a heating pad over your body, allowing the heat to penetrate your aching muscles.

You will usually find heating pads encased in a plastic pad and a removable fabric cover. However, things can go wrong with your heating pad. For example, wires can break inside, and the thermostat can go bad.

Knowing how to repair your heating pad does not take much time or expense. Make certain you have the power cord plugged firmly into the wall outlet.

If your heating pad unit keeps going on and off, there may be a broken wire inside. In this case, you will need to purchase another heating pad. Clean out the control unit on the cord. Cleaning is the most common fix for heating pads. Spray the switch contacts of the control unit with electrical contact cleaner.

Attach a multimeter to the electric cord prongs while you have the controller in the "Off" position. This device will test the current of electricity through your heating pad. A multimeter measures the AC and DC voltage and current resistance, combining the functions of an ammeter, ohmmeter and voltmeter.

You should have an infinite resistance in ohms for the reading. When you have an infinite resistance in ohms, "ohms" meaning the measure of electrical resistance, then you have an open circuit or no connection.

It means a break exists inside the wire in the electrical current, resulting in so many ohms your multimeter cannot register them. Zero ohms means you have a good flow of electrical current. Turn on the controller. You should see some resistance to electricity, but not an infinite resistance. Set your multimeter on the RX1 scale to check resistance.

Making a Heating Pad

RX1 means "resistance times one," which means each number on the multimeter scale represents the actual resistance value of the heading pad thermostat, in this case. Place a multimeter probe on the output side and another probe on the input side of the thermostat.

The thermostat is a switch which controls the temperature of the heating element in your heating pad. You should see a zero reading, meaning the switch works well. Replace your heating pad if you see a reading other than zero. This means you have an interruption or resistance in the circuit and the thermostat needs to be replaced. See Reference 1 pg 2, Reference 2 pg 3 and Resources 1. If you purchased a Homedic heating pad in and at Walgreens, and the date code on the hand control ends in "01," return the heating pad to any Walgreens store or call You should see the Walgreens logo on the front of the hand control.

Homedics Inc. See Reference 4. Chyrene Pendleton has been a business owner and newsletter editor for more than seven years. She is a freelance writer with over 25 years experience and teaches a variety of topics, including alternative health, hair care and metaphysics.So, I got this heating pad at the store a while back to use as a hedgehog heating pad. I found out that the 2-hour auto-off timer was hardcoded into the circuit, and they didnt even bother to put a switch on the casing to disable it.

Typical overprotection of the consumer - this wouldnt exist if our country was a bit less litigious. African hedgehogs need at least 72F to be happy, so a heating pad under the cage is recommended. So, to disable it, I decided to take it apart and find the culprit like this guy did.

Its too bad that for some reason they decided to make it even harder to change this feature. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Here, we can see the circuit board and outer casing. It also bears a marking of So, the deal is that after a lot of trial and error, I finally found which single pin on the IC you have to cut.

Just take a soldering iron and a sharp pointy object I used a thumbtackmelt the solder, and pry the pin from the board. Be careful not to touch pin 1 - if you disconnect it, it will turn off every 5 minutes! Then, put the entire thing back together and celebrate! I used the datasheet for the IC chip to figure out what pins to screw with.

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Basically, the chip is just a counter, and you cut one of the pins that makes it increment. So simple. Nick V has modified his Sunbeam Model The chip is a CD 14 stage ripple counter on mine.

They use it as count up timer to turn the ac to the heater coils off after two hours. I wired in a 10k resistor pullup to Vdd to pin 12 master reset. This disables the counter function, and voila, no auto off! I went ahead and found the datasheet for all you kids looking to try this. I extracted the one piece of information you probably need, which is in the attached picture.

Heating Pad Hand Warmer Blanket

Question 7 weeks ago. The controller is somewhat different than the one in your drawing. On mine,the counter IC has a dot on top left of IC denoting pin 1. I tried disconnecting pin 2 right below pin 1,put it together plugged it in,and nothing,no light no heat.

I now have another,the same model,and I dont want to fry this one.

Control Circuit for Heating Elements

Also,if there is a way to increase the time from 1 hour to 10 hours,that would even be better. Please help and explain to me how to do this successfully. Thank you. Question 2 months ago on Step 4. I do industrial machinery and have soldering experience. The problem I have with projects around the house Is the ability to find the data sheet for chips like this so I can modify them to fit my purposes around the house and work.

Larger factory equipment I can usually contact the machine provider and get information on the hardware and most is included with it.Track My Order. Frequently Asked Questions. International Shipping Info. Send Email. Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm U. Mountain Time:. Chat With Us. There are a lot of great projects you can use heating pads 5x10cm and 5x15cm in, ranging from warming gloves, slippers, a blanket, or anything you want to keep nice and warm.

Got a beard mask you want to make toasty? Do beards need to be warmer? Not sure. Would it be a fun project? These DC powered heating pads are perfect for near-body heating applications. They get warm to the touch but not too hot as l…. You can go as simple as getting the appropriate power supply and a heating pad. One heating pad is rated for 5Vand draws about mA. You will also need some wire and transistor to control the heating pad if you are using a microcontroller.

Check the wishlist in the next section for more details on the products used in this tutorial. You will need sewing needles, a soldering iron, solder, and general soldering accessories.

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This is your basic spool of lead free solder with a water soluble resin core. This is a good spoo…. This set of sewing needles is a must-have when stitching together your next e-textile project. Each envelope contains three 4…. There are a lot of parts on this list that can be exchanged for alternate parts, or that aren't needed at all, depending on what type of setup you want.

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To follow along with this project, you will need the following materials. You may not need everything though depending on what you have. Add it to your cart, read through the guide, and adjust the cart as necessary. You could use a 3. This option is nice, since you can use the LilyPad to charge the LiPo battery when the heating pad isn't in use.

The draw back to using a 3. The first step is to select your fabric. When picking a fabric, you want to consider the following:.Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Making a Heating Pad. Thread starter bby13 Start date Feb 2, Search Forums New Posts. Thread Starter bby13 Joined Feb 2, 6. A project for college I am currently doing is making a heating pad. I am using a 5V power supply Arduino Module I know that Nichrome wire can be used as it heats up nicely and its sort of a cheap product but its exposed. The gauge is 26AWG and is 2.

My Question is can 5V give me enough current to create enough heat for a heating pad? I have no circuit diagrams as of yet. Any info would be helpful. Thank you. Scroll to continue with content. You need to specify how big the pad needs to be, and what is it heating. The size of the pad will be 15 x 15 inches. It just a heating pad that could go on a chair.

But it will be for my computer chair. A typical heating pad uses W on the high setting. You may require less for a seat pad. Can your module provide that much current? That would give about 10 crossings of the pad with the wire, which seems a reasonable spacing. All 25 ft. At 5V, using Ohms Law, the max current it would draw is about 75mA.

That's not much heat, about the same that a 2N transistor runs at. What is the maximum current rating of your power supply? I'm unsure why a microcontroller is involved, but if that's your only source, it probably won't work.

No reason for the micro-controller. Just thought it would be a nifty way to control it. Any other ideas?

heating pad circuit diagram

Last edited: Feb 2, If I use 12VDC Power Supply, how much current would i need to make a proper heating pad to create enough heat for me to feel.The picture with the title Electric Blanket Circuit Diagram Heating Pad Hand Warmer Learn Sparkfun Com above, tagged with: electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram - electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram.

You will found the great ideas for your here, now you can start by selecting one of the image gallery below, So please enjoy and lets check this out.

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heating pad circuit diagram

Next Images. The picture with the title Electric Blanket Circuit Diagram Heating Pad Hand Warmer Learn Sparkfun Com above, tagged with: electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram - electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram electric blanket circuit diagram This digital photography of Electric Blanket Circuit Diagram Heating Pad Hand Warmer Learn Sparkfun Com is the best ideas that we have chosen from thousands of designs available on the internet.

Ad Blocker Detected Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.Note that the electric heating pads require quite a bit of power.

They are essentially just big resistors. Do not wire the heating pads directly into a breadboard as this can cause the breadboard to melt. You cannot use an analog temperature sensor like TMP36! Analog sensors are sensitive to voltage. You will get nonsensical temperature readings when your heaters are turned on! This is needed to control the heater, whether it is on or off. I include one as well, just in case. Making it work: Step 1 — Solder a diode to the heating pad wires.

The silver end of the diode connects to the power wire red while the black end connects to ground black wire. Step 3 — Solder wires or a header onto the TMP My circuit is slightly different from the examples.

It is closest to the bildr tutorial, except that I use a heating pad in place of the motor. I also include LEDs, just to visually see the circuit working.

heating pad circuit diagram

My code is written on Arduino IDE 1. If the temperature goes above 30 Celsius, the heaters are turned off for 30 seconds.

Controlling Heating Pads with Arduino Uno

If the temperature goes below 14 Celsius, the heaters are turned on for 30 seconds. This code uses 3 LEDs, plugged into digital pins 9, 10, and For heater Plug 5V on Arduino into power rail on breadboard Plug red power wire on heating pad after diode into power rail on breadboard. I used alligator clips and an extra piece of wire for the connection Plug black ground wire on heating pad after diode into central pin on MOSFET Plug far right wire on MOSFET into a breadboard row that also connects to ground rail on breadboard and to one end of 10k ohm resistor Plug far left wire on MOSFET into a different breadboard row that also connects to the other end of the 10k ohm resistor and to digital pin 3 on the Arduino Uno At Last: Coding It Up My circuit is slightly different from the examples.

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